Create a machine that generates leads for your customers, automatically.

Chatbot technology is the hottest thing in marketing right now, for good reason.

Using Facebook messenger, you can setup a machine that automatically talks to your current and future customers. With today’s technology, these chatbots are becoming more and more lifelike, giving your customers a personalized experience.

About The 1st Course: Building a Bot in ManyChat

Our biggest request, hands down, was for content that walks through all the intricacies of building a full on chatbot inside of ManyChat. So, this first course in our regular series is focused on just that.

Regularly Updated Content

We’ve talked with a few dozen entrepreneurs and marketers, and each time we received unique feedback… you all want something different! There were some common themes though between your requests: how to build a bot in ManyChat, difference between all the bot builders, what messaging platform to build on, would like to see templates and guides, want to hear about how others are using the system… and the list of common themes goes on.

Thus, instead of a standard course where we give you about half of what you’re looking for, we’re creating this course as an ongoing community and learning center. We will regularly be building new content and delivering it to you in an ongoing basis.

At some point, as we get into a regular cadence of publishing monthly content, we will start charging a monthly fee for access. For now, however, there is just a one time fee of $75 to access our current content. Once we do decide to create a monthly plan anyone who has already signed up will be grandfathered into a discount plan, and will also be given plenty of notice that the monthly billing will be starting. Additionally, we will not automatically bill you when we switch to monthly plans. You will need to come back and re-input your credit card. So, no worries about being billed erroneously.