Thank you for your interest in this living chatbot course! This chatbot course is not a “build it once and walk” away type course. Instead, I’m charging a fair monthly fee ($70) and you gain access to any courses that I already have created and all courses to come.

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Between now and the end of September, if you sign up you’ll be joining as a founding member, meaning that you get a lifetime long discount of just $70/month for the course. You’ll also be a key influencer in the course material that is built out. For example, below is a screenshot of the content I’m planning on building out for the course community over the next 3 months. Even though I’ve already got content plugged in for each of the months, I’m going to ask for all the founding members to vote on which content pieces they want, and when they want them.

How to get access to the course

If you click the button below, it’ll have you pay the $70 fee and then you’ll be sent a login email. That email will have a login link for you to set your password, and then anytime afterwards if you come to the site and login you’ll be taken straight to the course.