Create a machine that generates leads for your customers, automatically.

Chatbot technology is the hottest thing in marketing right now, for good reason.

Using Facebook messenger, you can setup a machine that automatically talks to your current and future customers. With today’s technology, these chatbots are becoming more and more lifelike, giving your customers a personalized experience.

About The 1st Course: Building a Bot in ManyChat

Our biggest request, hands down, was for content that walks through all the intricacies of building a full on chatbot inside of ManyChat. So, this first course in our regular series is focused on just that.

Continually Delivered Content

We’ve talked with a few dozen entrepreneurs and marketers, and each time we received unique feedback… you all want something different! There were some common themes though between your requests: how to build a bot in ManyChat, difference between all the bot builders, what messaging platform to build on, would like to see templates and guides, want to hear about how others are using the system… and the list of common themes goes on.

Thus, instead of a standard course where we give you about half of what you’re looking for, we’re creating this course as an ongoing community and learning center. Each month we’ll be building new content and delivering it to you in an ongoing basis. We’ll also be allowing you, as the community, to vote on what content is created.

Below are the three content creation cadences we are planning on. Depending on the initial support (sign ups during month one) we will go with one of these plans. The more people that show interest and sign up during the first month, the more valuable resources everyone will get in the continuing months!


If we only have a little interest in the course, between 40 and 59 sign-ups, we’ll bring you this package on an ongoing basis. You’ll receive new content (listed below) each month!

  • New, full featured course
  • Chatbot Blueprints


If we have between 60 and 99 people sign up we’ll bring you everything in the Lite package, plus the additional valuable content below. This is new content you’re getting every month!

  • Mini-lessons
  • Client Templates for Trello


If we garner a lot of support, 100 or more subscribers, we’ll bring you everything in Lite and More, plus the below items. You’ll have access to all the previous months’ content plus this new content!

  • Weekly office hours
  • Live, Online Training Workshops
  • Full Detail DIY Guides
  • Live, Expert Interviews